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Scoliosis and Adam's Forward Bending Test

Sometimes scoliosis appears as a child or teenager grows and develops. Detecting scoliosis at this stage allows for monitoring the curve of the spine and undergoing treatment if the curve is severe enough to warrant it.

how to test for scoliosis

How to conduct Adam's Forward Bending Test:

  1. The child will need to remove his/her shirt. Ensure that the child is in an enclosed room to respect their privacy. It is preferred to conduct the test without a shirt.

  2. Have the child stand in front of the parent/guardian. The child will need to be standing with his/her back facing towards you.

  3. Ensure that you can clearly see the child's entire back.

  4. Ask the child to stand like this: - Hands on the side of their body, with palms facing inwards - Look forward - Both feet on the ground, parallel to each other

  5. Ask the child to bend down and forward from the waist. Keep the hands loose and knees straight. Bend forward until the back is flat, perpendicular to the legs and parallel to the ground - in a 90 degree angle.

  6. The parent/guardian should now observe along the spine, and see the surface of the back. Look out for : - A hump on the back becoming more prominent - The spinal column being curved - Uneven shoulder blades - Uneven hips - The head not in line with the waist - Uneven shoulders

  7. If you notice any of these signs, it is advised to visit a professional.

What to do if you think your child may have scoliosis?

After conducting Adam's Forward Bending Test and you think that your child may have scoliosis, the first step is to visit a practitioner - like those at Integrity. They may recommend getting an x-ray in order to diagnose the curve of the spine. A treatment may be proposed - observation, bracing, or surgical methods.

Scoliosis before and after at Integrity Prosthetics and Orthotics

Integrity is here to help if your child has scoliosis. Pictured is a before and after of a patient with scoliosis. We are committed to making our patients as comfortable as possible with results you can see. Keep in mind that most curves are mild. Only a small portion of cases require treatment, but it is a great idea to get curves or abnormalities observed by a professional. If you think your child or teen may be developing scoliosis, make an appointment with Integrity by calling (863) 937-9200.


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