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In a recent National survey, Integrity P&O ranked in the top 3 percentile for quality outcomes, scoring a perfect 100% in the category of "Would you refer us to a family or friend?"





Transtibial (BK) Prosthesis

I would not be able to have the life I have if it wasn't for Ed he has always went above and beyond for me! He has always come thru for me and I've been with him for 26 years now my whole child hood and adult life if it was unbreakable I broke it and he would just laugh and fix it. I trust him with my life and I recommend him to anyone if they want the best. Thank you Ed and to your staff for all you do. your job is one of the most important in the world and you are truly the best.


LumboSacral Orthosis (LSO)

I was very satisfied with the care I received concerning my new brace. The staff was very helpful in explaining and caring for brace. The staff called me a few days later just to see how I was. I was very surprised to hear from them & grateful they took the time to check on me. My thanks to the staff for caring so much."


Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

My husband saw his doctor at a nearby clinic and the staff  suggested your company with high regards. We got in our car, called your office and was told to come right on over. I was surprised our wait was less than 5 minutes. The staff made my husband and I feel special and it was very refreshing. Your staff should be cloned! 

Thank you!


ThoracoLumboSacral Orthosis (TLSO)

The office staff was extremely helpful getting authorization for my brace. Made several calls on my behalf. Very thankful.


Orthopedic Shoes and

Custom Arch Supports

I did not feel horribly rushed by your personnel even though the were others waiting.


Cam Boot

I have never been treated with such professionalism, especially being a walk-in. Services were prompt and everyone was so nice.



Great experience! Chris took good care of me and my needs. Office staff was kind and treats you like family. I’ve been walking pain free ever since I got my prosthetic. I highly recommend!


Transtibial (BK) Prosthesis

From the beginning that I walked in to Integrity prosthetic and met Ed Crowe, I knew that i was in the correct clinic and that i will get the adequate professional service. I feel the socket he created for me was the best device that I ever had in my 14 years as of an amputee.



You all were wonderful to me. You went above and beyond regarding any glitches, and were extremely helpful in all ways. I Have had 2-3 doctors or their staff comment on my brace, asking where i got it. You have my up most respect. You handled everything with TRUE integrity and honesty.


Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

Staff was very friendly and informative.


Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFOs), Compression Wraps, Diabetic Shoes, Custom Insoles

Overall very satisfied...Steve was very well versed in the product and took the time to explain.


LumboSacral Orthosis (LSO)

Really liked the practitioner. He made sure to explain everything and made sure all my questions were answered. I would give him an A+++.

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