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Are You Experiencing Prosthetic Pain?

Prosthetic shouldn't hurt! If you are experiencing any of these things below, it may be a good idea to schedule a consultation with a certified Prosthetists like ours at Integrity.

man in prosthetic walking up stairs

Are you experiencing...

Irritation and Skin Breakdown?

If you feel rubbing in your prosthesis, that is the result of mechanical friction and pressure combined which can cause irritation and skin issues. Socket shape and fit is important to prevent this and preserve the long term health of your skin. 

Restrictions of Daily Activities?

Safety first is the number one rule in wearing your prosthesis. If you feel held back or unable to do certain activities , you may not have the right prosthetic for your needs.

Poor Balance, Instability, or Fear of Falling?

If you are experiencing what feels like rotation of a knee or foot, or a sensation you are walking on the edge of your foot, then there is a good chance that your prosthesis is not properly aligned.

Back pain?

Walking with a poorly fit prosthesis or with sub-optimal gait habits can cause long term structural changes in the body that will cause muscular and structural pain.

Man with a prosthetic leg lifting weights in the gym
Let Integrity help you find relief - prosthetics should not hurt or be uncomfortable! Insurance is accepted, walk-ins are welcome, and our certified/listened Prosthetists will make sure you are comfortable and thoroughly taken care of. Call today to schedule a no-cost consultation with one of our licensed/certified prosthetists.

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