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Stepping Into Comfort: 6 Conditions Orthotics Can Treat

Foot-related issues can have a significant impact on our daily lives, affecting everything from our ability to walk comfortably to our overall posture. Fortunately, orthotic insoles provide a versatile and effective solution for a range of conditions. In this blog post, we'll explore six common conditions that orthotics can treat, offering relief and support to those in need.

Plantar Fasciitis:

Orthotic insoles play a pivotal role in managing plantar fasciitis by providing essential arch support and cushioning. Customized orthotics distribute weight evenly, reduce strain on the plantar fascia, and promote proper foot alignment. This not only alleviates pain but also aids in the healing process, making orthotics a valuable tool in the treatment of plantar fasciitis.

Flat Feet (Pes Planus):

Custom orthotic insoles are a valuable resource for those with flat feet. They provide crucial arch support, helping to alleviate strain on the foot’s soft tissues and improves alignment. By redistributing pressure and promoting a more natural gait, orthotics enhances stability and comfort for those with flat feet.

flat feet

Bunions (Hallux Valgus):

Orthotic insoles can be a helpful solution for individuals dealing with bunions. Customized to individual foot shapes, they provide added cushioning and promote proper weight distribution. This reduces pressure on the affected area and realigns the foot. Orthotics can alleviate discomfort and may even slow the progression of the bunion.



Custom-designed orthotic insoles provides essential support and stability. By offering a supportive arch and controlling the inward rolling motion, orthotics help to correct the gait and reduce the stress on the ankles and knees. Orthotics for overpronation serve as a valuable tool for individuals seeking to regain balance and comfort in their daily activities.


Supination (Underpronation):

Custom orthotic insoles designed for supination offer a solution by providing extra cushioning and shock absorption in the areas that need it most. They also help in promoting a more even weight distribution and improving foot alignment. By addressing the challenges posed by supination, orthotics enhance comfort, reduce the likelihood of injuries, and support a pain-free lifestyle.

Shin Splints:

Orthotic insoles are a valuable asset in managing shin splints. They offer essential shock absorption and support to the arch of the foot, reducing the stress placed on the shin muscles during each step. By effectively dampening the impact of each stride and promoting proper biomechanics, orthotics aid in the relief of shin splint pain and minimize the risk of further injury.

shin splints

Get help when you have pain. We can treat most orthotic conditions!

Improper shoes can cause pain not only in the feet but also in the calves, shins, knees, hips and lower back. If you notice this pain, upgrade to a properly fitted, comfortable new tennis shoe or athletic shoe first. If you’re still experiencing pain, it may be time to stop into Integrity!


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