That Single Most Precious Thing

OK, stay with me for a moment. Imagine that you are alone in a place, any place.

You are clutching something to your chest, close to your heart. In your arms is the single most precious “thing” in your world. Your eyes are closed, your face is serene. Joy is written all over you. It is clear to anyone who looks at you that you are deeply affected by the “thing” you are holding close to your heart. What is it? What is the single most precious “thing” in your world? Is it the love of a child? Maybe the joy of “a job well-done?" Is it your faith? Your sobriety, your health, your place in the world?

As I examine my own “single most precious thing”, I keep finding another “thing” more precious than the last. I am peeling away the layers of the onion, so to speak, and delving deeper into my being.

I am looking closely at my value system to find that cornerstone; that “single most precious thing” upon which the rest of me is built.

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