Jim's Corner

Against my better judgment I volunteered to do this.

Yes, I learned in basic training to never volunteer for anything but I guess that lesson didn't stick. The gang in the office always seem to look to me for suggestions about fun stuff to do on the weekends, so I guess that's what Jim's corner will be about. But first a little bit about me. I commuted to Lakeland from north of Tampa for about five years (51 miles each way) and as you might guess, that left very little time and energy for fun on the weekends. Now that I live in Lakeland, my wife and I have time and energy to do stuff evenings and weekends. We have visited restaurants, parks, events, nurseries, lakes, rivers, movies, community Playhouses, haunted houses, and much more.

Stay tuned to my future columns to see if my travels take me to some of your favorite old or new destinations.

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